Customers on Tap

Hi, I’m Steve Jones and we are here to offer our services to you so that you can get new customers to your business any time you want.

We all need to get more customers from time to time and you can do that by making a great big list of customers emails who are interested in what you have to offer.

So if you had a big list, you only have to email the list with a very tempting offer, say if you were a decorator you could say, we have a special offer this month, we are offering a 10% discount for any decorating work this month with free paint on top of the bargain.

You could do what I did, get a video made offering what would be valuable to the customer a video course, or an information PDF, or a specially priced job or service offer at a great discount, to be delivered after they sign up to your list.

So if you are interested in making your own list so you will never have a shortage of new customers, just click this link to find out how it’s all done.

Free Auto Responder

You will have to have an auto responder service and the best one is “Mailerlight” it’s free for the first 1000 subscribers. It’s easy to use with a drag and drop email builder, great landing pages where you can build a video sign up page (just like mine) and pop up pages and lot’s of other great stuff.

Check out the service, it’s free for the first 1000 and they have lot’s of tutorial videos to see how it’s all done, click this link:  free auto responder